It’s a hard decision to decide to move homes during this COVID 19 epidemic, but there are things you can do to ensure a safe move.

Call several moving companies and ask them questions and choose one that has the proper  CDC, local, and federal protocol guidelines.  Ask questions until you are happy.  Check that they sanitize the trucks and equipment, wear face masks and gloves and that the moving teams practice social distancing with each other as well as clients.  Are they given temperature tests each day?

Ask if they can perform a virtual estimate instead of coming to your home to give one in person.  Ask how many boxes and materials you will need.  If they deliver those let them sit for 24-hours before using.  You should use new boxes not used ones – you can also order online or go to a store.

Give yourself plenty of time to pack, go through everything, and get rid of all items you don’t want, don’t take them with you.  Try to finish packing 24-hours before the movers arrive.

Avoid handling paperwork so you don’t have to pass around pens and paper, ask to do that online.

Make sure the home you move into has been deep cleaning before you arrive and when you do ask the movers to put everything in the garage or one room.  Wipe down the boxes before you open and unpack.

Take extra sanitizing products for move-in day and keep wearing masks and gloves.

Of course if you feel sick in any way delay the move.