A home warranty is a service plan that covers the cost of services, repairs, and even replacement of major household appliances and systems. A basic home warranty plan generally covers items like kitchen appliances, plumbing, water heater, electrical system, air/heat, ceiling, and exhaust fans. Plans can be extended at a higher cost to cover other items including roof, garage door, septic system, pool heater, washer and dryer, and refrigerator.

Often when you buy a home the seller will pay for the buyer to have a basic warranty for a year as an incentive to close the deal. Take it!! In fact, if they don’t, ask your agent to push them for an upgraded plan and have it put into the purchase agreement. It will give you an advantage as you will have no real idea of how the appliances and systems are going to work until you have lived there for some time, so your first year will be covered by the seller.


The cost of a home warranty varies from company to company and the area that you live in, but usually, somewhere between $350 to $750 per annum for a basic policy and with additions can go into over $1000 a year.

There is a call-out service charge, which again varies from company to but typically between $50 and $150. They will service, repair, and if needed to replace the item that isn’t working.

Here’s a link that has companies to compare what they have to offer and how much they cost.  https://rb.gy/nnecfn