Once you have decided to sell your home you obviously want the best price you can, so make sure that you prepare it properly so that it not only looks good but when the inspections are done you don’t get a list of repairs or request for a credit for repairs.  Here are some tips for you to prepare your home for sale and get top dollar.

1.  You must have heard the words “curb appeal” – well they are real.  The first impression a potential buyer gets is from the outside, so clean up the landscaping, add a little planting if necessary.  Check the drive and pathways are clean or cracks.

Make sure paintwork around the house is clean and not peeling including gutters and roof.  Paint the front door an inviting color to contrast the house.  And maybe even a Welcome mat.

2.  Clean out the closets and drawers and make them clean and tidy, buyers do open and l0ok inside.  And what a great time to have a cleanout and get rid of things you no longer need.

3.  De-personalize everything around the house – less is more, put away knick-knack, and family photos.

4.  Have neutral paint color in all rooms, if you have a brightly painted room paint it a cream or off-white color.

5.  Don’t over decorate or improve because everyone has different tastes and it may not actually add to the value.

6.  Make sure there are no odors when potential buyers visit.  Lunch may smell great to you but a few hours later when the person arrives for an appointment it will smell offensive to them.  The only cooking smells that are oaky and inviting at is freshly baking cookies or bread.

7.  Bathrooms need to be sparkling and look good, nicely folded towels and matching bathmats, candles, flowers, or plants.  Take all bottles off the side.

8.  Make sure curtains and blinds are working but also open to ensure every room is as light and bright as possible.

9.  Add flowers – they always add to a room.

10.  Arrange furniture or if you have moved it already have the rooms staged, a lot of people can’t visualize unless they see furniture in rooms.

11.  Check floors are in good condition and clean.  Have carpets cleaned if necessary?

12  Check that things work properly like lightbulbs, switches, etc.  If there are small jobs get the done like missing or dirty grout in the bathroom and kitchen, chalking, window screens, etc.

And a big tip, do not be in the house for appointments for potential buyers.  Selling a home is very emotional especially if you have been living there for some years, so don’t take any comments from a buyer about why they don’t want to house isn’t right for them.  Everyone has a different taste and what is good for one of us isn’t for another.